Office 365-aanmelding Microsoft Office.
Meld u aan om uw favoriete productiviteits-apps te kunnen gebruiken vanaf elk apparaat. Kies voor de premium-apps van Office met Microsoft 365. Surface Laptop Go. Surface Pro X. Surface Go 2. Surface Book 3. Ondersteuning Microsoft Store. Microsoft in het onderwijs.
Using Web Workers Web APIs MDN.
Once created, a worker can send messages to the JavaScript code that created it by posting messages to an event handler specified by that code and vice versa. This article provides a detailed introduction to using web workers. Web Workers API.
FACTS SIS Family Portal Login.
Web Summit Lisbon Where the tech world meets.
Student web Studentwebben.
About the student web. Startpage for /Support and services/Om studentwebben. Tips from the student web. Find information from your course. Safe and secure handling of personal data for students at SLU. GDPR and the use of photos and videos for the university's' communication.
BRouter web client.
CGIAR-CSI SRTM Map tiles. Add base layer Add overlay Remove selection. Online service of the BRouter routing engine. For the offline Android app and more information see brouter.de. Preferred language is English, as we have both international contributors and users.
Telegram Web.
ICQ New.
Seesaw Where learning happens.
Connect families to see student work and celebrate progress. Up to ten family members can stay in the loop using the Parent and Family app iOS, Android or on web. View Communication Features. Provide space for voice, choice, and ownership.
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